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Unique advantages of our potting mixes products

  • Track record – All our products have been used in Europe for the last 10 years. This includes RHP certified products.
  • Premium peat – Our products use only Swedish peat, which is far superior to Baltic peat, as it does not need chemical additives (wetting agents) to make it water retentive. The harvesting of our Swedish peat is also different, as it is harvested and sieved, screened or eventually shredded, then calibrated to customers’ needs. Baltic peat in contrast, is harvested by scratching the ground and sucking the peat, which results in a finer, much drier and damaged product. Lastly, Swedish peat is very long lasting even in hot and humid conditions, whereas Baltic peat tends to quickly become sour and acid.
  • Premium bark – Our bark products are from Portugal, consisting of two types. The decobark is for decorative purposes, but it can still be used in a cheap mix for bedding plants and potting orchids. It is made to last, and has been fully steamed (heat) sterilized. Our orchid bark is a high quality product used by many European orchid nurseries, and compares much favorably in terms of pricing with other products on the market, for similar if not superior qualities. 
  • Customized to fit your marketing needs – We pride ourselves on offering unique services that others do not, such as custom tailoring of the bags and packaging to allow you to create your own branding to fit your markets. We “OEM” our products with your details and according to your own specifications, subject to minimum volume orders. 
  • Customized from factory to fit your requirements – We offer the flexibility of adjusting our premium ingredients to meet your needs. Please speak further with us on such arrangements. 
  • Extremely competitive pricing – You will find our pricing very attractive and compelling. 

Come speak to us for any enquiries on our products, we can also offer you technical advice on what you need. If you need any laboratory analysis of our products, we will also arrange it. 

Download our brochures below, and contact us now!

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